A photo that..


I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots photo contest.

 It has a simple guideline, where you have to choose 7 of your best photos that…


1.  A photo that takes my breath away

Ban Tai, Kho Phangan

 As I was arriving on the ferry from Kho Samui, never have I felt such a warm feeling in my body, as if I was arriving home.

This tranquil beach in Ban Tai village was my little piece of paradise in the party island of Kho Phangan, and looking at any picture from days there takes my breath away, as I remember the best vacation I ever had, and the numerous times I was amased with the natural beauty of the place.

2.  A photo that makes me laugh or smile

Hair cut in Utila, Honduras

One day while I was taking a diving course im the most famous diving island of Utila,  I got bored and decided to have a crazy hair cut. The guy shaving my head as actually an Australian guy that was staying at the hostel I was staying at. The other guys are posing a “point and shock”…

3.  A photo that makes me dream

My girlfriend in Negril Jamaica

This picture was taken by my dear girlfriend Shily, when she travelled solo to Jamaica. It inspires me and makes me dream about all the beautiful places I haven’t gone yet, and I dream to go someday.

 4.  A photo that makes me think

Tel Aviv view from Jaffa promenade

My home. Standing on Tel – Aviv jaffa promenade, if you will look to the left, you will see the old: Old Jaffa’s port, one of the oldest ports in the world, where they all passed here, the Turks, british, Americans, jewish pilgrims,  on their way into Israel. If you look to right, you will see The Todays  “Non Stop” city of Tel Aviv. I love coming here, walking by the water and think..

5.  A photo that makes my mouth water

Food court in Dizengoff Center Tel Aviv

I love traditional home cooked dishes, especially Jewish North African ones.

Every Friday until the afternoon hours you can find a food court filled with home cooked dishes for you to take hom  in several malls around Israel, like the most famous “Dizzengoff Centrer” in the heart of Tel Aviv. Yummy!

 6. A photo that tells a story

Having fun near Toronto Canada

Most travellers would agree that a big part of travelling is meeting new people. That’s me in the left, and that’s Leora on the right. I met Leora when I was travelling in Central America in 2005. Leroa is from Canada, and I met her as she entered the hostel I was staying at in Tulum Mexico with great energy, like she all ways has.

Leora was travelling with her friend Tricia, and after we spent a great week together  in Mexico, they invited me to come to Toronto Canada, where they live.

 And so not long after we have gone our separate ways in Mexico, I took a plane from Las Vegas to meet them. Leora and Tricia showed me the time of my life in Toronto. They were really good hosts and showed me a really good time and all the cool sites of Toronto, coming from the insiders point of view.

On one weekend I stayed there they took my with a bunch of their friends to a beach house an hour drive from Toronto. In this picture, Leora and I are wacked out of our minds, and putting out an act for our friends.

Leora came to visit me in Israel, and she even came back for a second time, this time with her new husband and baby, for her sister’s wedding who ended up moving to Israel and marring an Israeli..

7. A photo that I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

Vang Vieng, Laos

I think this picture really captures Vang Vieng‘s beauty: The Mekong River flowing, the mountains in the background, the little village houses hiding in between the green trees. I would really love right now to pass in that bridge.

 Don’t you???

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What about yours? Please Share them too..

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