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The Land of the free and the home of the brave

Being a fan of American TV and cinema as I was growing up, U.S.A was my first travel destination I was inspired to go to. Watching all of those T.V. sitcom and movies, where the main characters go on a road trip across America, some more wacky than others, exploring new places and new people across the country, made me decide that when I grow up, my first trip as an independent traveller would be living for a while the ‘American dream’ and do a ‘a coast to coast’ trip in the country they made look so shiny, fun and interesting over the screen.

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Here you will find Travel tips for top travel destinations, travel reviews, travel tools, all coming from real travellers, sharing an honest opinion. 

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SPAIN, olé!!

Visit Spain

Map of spain:

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A travel to Spain cannot disappoint you. Spain is full of history and famous culture that concord and influenced a great part of the world, famous for its flamingo dancing, tapas dining, bullfighting, historical colonial world heritage cities, great beaches, different scenery, wonderful sun, fun and easy going people, easy and lovely language,

What more can you ask? 

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Tour of Israel


This blog about Israel,  will give you a chance to get some real travel tips before you visit Israel,  coming from the insider’s point of view.


As of that, I will try to take you on a tour in Israel, on the road less travelled, off the beaten path, and on the way an Israeli looks on his own country and the way he travels there.

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