BonBon’s Top 10 Travel tips for the world traveller

Here is my top ten travel tips for world travelling:

 1.     Don’t worry, Be Happy –

My number one travel tip is always wear a smile.

If you are travelling, its means that you are not at work sitting by your desk,

you are having fun right? so why not smile and not worry all the time?

In all my travels, I find that a smile will always get you on the fast phase towards getting what you want, Wheter if it’s with the locals on the place you are travelling to, while you are asking for directions, a discount, or some kind of help, or with other travellers such as your self.

While travelling, wearing a smile, and having a “no worries” state of mind, kind of always got everything I wanted sorted out at best.  

 2.     Respect  –

 Always remember, that you are a visitor, and you should act like one.

 Many of the most exotic travel destinations are probably in less developed countries then where you come from, that doesn’t mean that the locals are stupid.

They are watching the way you behave, their children too, and they will act accordingly.  Don’t disrespect the local way of life, you can learn from it, a few of what you will learn will be even life changing.

That goes for your fellow travelers as well, you never know who the person in front of you is, and the way the wheel can turn on you…

 Respect the environment you are in, respect the people you interact with.

 3.     Get off the beaten trek – set yourself to a real adventure.

Sure, in every travel destination there are the “must see places”, that doesn’t mean you have to go to all of them, or not go to the places the most people don’t go.

Some of my best travel experiences were when I choose to walk the paths last travelled.

At least in some parts of your trip, try not to stay where “everyone” is staying, eat

At top rated restaurants and ect’, it can be a lot of fun dodging the crowds, and find       you kind of places you would like to be staying in, eat and ect’.

The real adventures await the real adventurist.

4.     Don’t be a “Naïve Tourist” –

When you’re travelling in the world, wearing your hat on, your tourist clothes, your camera around your neck and your money in your cash belt, everyone can see you a mile coming, and they all know you are far away from home, spending money.

So my travel tip would be to be on the alert to anyone who is “too nice”,

you are probably getting ripped off. All ways think what you are buying,

and from who. Be aware that some people will just see dollar signs as you walk by.

Don’t be fallen to any “tourist traps”, and be aware of yourself and your surroundings.

5.      Wear Sunscreen

It’s always important to take care of your skin, and the rest of your body for that matter, but while you’re travelling you will probably get more exposed to the sun, to food you don’t know, different climate, germs and other stuff, that if you’r not careful, might ruin your trip.

Getting burned is not fun, and you want to keep on smiling, right?

 6.     Do your Research

I won’t deny it, travelling without knowing too much about where you’re travelling too, or without knowing where you’ll be sleeping tomorrow can be allot of fun, but most times it will mean that you will probably miss something you would like, or get stuck in a rutting hostel, because everything else is booked. It’s always will be good to know  that you heard about the restaurant you are  looking right now and thinking about going in, will get you food poisoning..

Everything goes, “Google it”, travel blogs, travel review websites, travel books, travel magazines,  travel guides, your friends, or people you just met, just be sure to be wise enough to know which travel tips are good for you, and which travel tips aren’t.

 In my rank for the best travel tips and advice I got, were from asking a local.

Even when you are still home, there are numerous ways for you to get advices from people who live where you are going.

One of the things that I do is,  I social with a local using one of the social networks like facebook, and if they’re kind enough to answer, I ask them anything that is important for me to know. By the way, I’m a local in Israel…

Second, is to ask your real life friends that all ready been to the place.

If they are good friends and they liked it, you will probably too.

7.     Don’t travel with a “travel check list” of places you want to see and                    “have to go”

Please don’t. And if you do, please don’t be so strict about it, be cool.  Sure it’s important to do at least a little research, and to find out what or where is most important to you in the places your travelling in, but even the best of plans are made to be broken…

 I learned that you if you find your paradise spot, a place that you feel good about and you’re having the time of your life, stick to it! Even if it means you’ll get stuck there for a week or two, or maybe even a month or two, and it means you’ll miss something else for it, if you feel it, it’s probably worth it.

 You’re in paradise all ready, why the hurry??

 8.       Try for some time to travel alone

 Even if you came with somebody for your travel, try to be on your own.

 Some of my best travels were when I was an independent backpacker. Only when you are on your own, you really are free to do at any moment of your trip whatever you like, to go only to places you want to see.

 Only when you are truly alone, you can find everyday a new group of travel companions.

 Only when you are alone, you truly find yourself in adventures and situations you never thought you would experience.

 9.     Always, and on anything, bargain.

Us Israelis are known for our bargaining skills and we can tell you that 90% of the              times, you can get a better deal on anything, for sure.

From your accommodation to  the 1$  souvenir at the local market, the seller, and you should know too, that most of the times you can can just walk through the place next door, and get the same thing.

 Money management is important while travelling, so remember to barging…


10. Insurance

 It’s not worth to risk yourself while you’re having fun, so always practice some matters of precautions prior to your travel and while travelling.

Give your family or friends back home your basic itinerary, get yourself some proper insurance.

try not to put yourself in a high risk situation for you to get rubbed or hurt.

 11.  Follow your own path! –

This spot is waiting for your travel tips. I would love to hear that people took my travel advice and I would love to hear from your experiences, what are your best travel tips.

 Let’s make it 100 travel tips!!

       Please share your own travel tips with the rest of us..

One thought on “BonBon’s Top 10 Travel tips for the world traveller

  1. Totally agree with your 10 tips! Enjoyed the post and thanks.
    One tip by me is that eating local foods with local people! Always foods are important for me :) I think fun travellers are also foodie so you gonna find something amazing in every country.

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