Viva La Mexico!!

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1. Introduction and Travel tips to Mexico

2. Cancun

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4. Tulum

1. Introduction and Travel tips to Mexico

Viva La Mexico

Every time I think of Mexico, I remember what a good time I had travelling there.

Mexico is so big and diverse, that is hard to describe or to give travel tips for it in a few sentences. From dessert to sunny white sand beaches, both in the pacific ocean and Caribbean, colonial town filled with different cultures, coming from the Mayan and Aztec times to present. Almost everyone will find what to do there a, from nature lovers to archeology enthusiastic, independent backpackers, Couples seeking romantic getaways, families going on vacation and many more.

This Latin country borders with U.S.A in the north, and Guatemala and Belize in the south, and often is considered a part of central America, but also as a part of Northern America.

Where to go?

It’s really hard to give a travel tip to where to go on such diverse travel destination as Mexico. Most tourists go where I did, which is to Yucatan region, to Riviera Maya on the Caribbean side, to places such as “big city, top dance club “spring break” vibe, 5 star hotels“- Cancun, or to its neighbor small and more backpacker style Island Isla Mujeres. Of course there is stylish and famous Playa del Carmen for trendy beaches and parties, or go diving at the island of Quzumel or see the ruins and stay on a bit more secluded beach at Tulum.

Another interesting area of Mexico which I regret not going is Chiapas state, which is filled with history, both modern and from Maya times, filled with mountains, jungles, lakes and more beautiful nature. Two of the more popular spots are Chiapas Capital, the colonial town of San Cristobal, and Palenque, where you can see ancient Maya ruins.

Bordering with Chiapas, you will find Oaxaca region, with famous beach towns such as Acapulco and Puerto Escondido.

As I said, unfortunately I travelled only to Rivera Maya, so my travel report and travel tips will be about there, but Mexico is a travel destination that you will have to find your travel route yourself…

2. Cancun

Riviera Maya

Beautiful white sand, blue ocean beaches: what more can you ask for your vacation?

Before I start, one travel tip would be not to fall for all the tourist traps. Mexico, and especially this part of it, can get pretty expensive if you don’t manage your money correctly. Your choices on accommodation, restaurants, and tourist attractions are endless on each category, so chose wisely and always know that you can probably get a better deal.

mexico travel tips

Riviera Maya

This World famous travel destination, has been the choice for beach vacation for decades now, from families, 18 year old Americans on spring break, bachelors and bachelorettes, couples, to “heavy loaded” business man building all around this 5 million people city fancy 5 star hotels and resorts, stylish restaurants and famous night clubs. If you ask me, I didn’t like it all.

As an independent backpacker, travelling on a budget, Cancun is not that fun. to stay close to the beach is very pricy, and hostels are in the center of town, so to get to the beach you need to take the bus.

Cancun is good for doing some arrangements or some shopping. Head to downtown Cancun for money arrangements, flight ticket or whatever your travel needs are.

I arrived to Cancun by plane from Costa Rica, and from Cancun airport I took a taxi to Puerto Juarez, from there I took a ferry to much more fun island of Isla Mujeres..without even staying the night in Cancun. The second time around I came from Tulom by bus, went straight back to Isla Mujeres for 3 more nights, and then stayed one night at this hostel downtown, before my flight to Los Angeles.

On my night to Cancun I went some group of people from the hostel to the “COCO BONGO NIGHT CLUB”. This Mega Club, like a few more in Cancun, hosts mass hormone filled parties playing dance latest hits.

3. Isla Mujeres Isla Mujeres is definitely one of Mexico’s nicest travel destinations, and the islands beaches are from the nicest ones as well, In my opinion, and many would agree, it’s one of the nicest spots in the world.

Isla Mujeres

“The Island of women” is called like that not because the women that live in the island today, but because of the statues of Mayan goddess found there.

The whole Island is narrowed 11 km, and that’s the half of its charm. The other half of its charm is its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful beaches. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Where to stay?

Most people stay up north at Isla Mujeres town and where it’s all happening.

I stayed at one of the most popular hostels “pocna”, which is a short walk towards the beach, on the main street. it’s a great place to meet people, and most nights a lot of people that stay in the island gather up at the hostels beach bar. “pocna” hostel offers dorm and private rooms (9 to 25 dollars) right on the beach, and you can play there beach volleyball every afternoon.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Pocna Hostel, Isla Mujeres

What to do?

Isla about enjoying the relaxation of being in a small island with beautiful beaches. You can stay all day everyday on Playa Norte’s beautiful white sand palm tree beach or go swimming diving or snorkeling on the west side of the island or on the other side of the island at playa garafon.You can even go Dolphin Discovery at Playa Longest on the south side, you can go to Isla Mujeres tortugranja – WHICH is a Turle farm where you can see in pools, that’s right, TURTELS.

My TRAVEL TIP would be to rent yourself some transportation and go explore this small Island. I rented a golf cart a gone exploring, it was a lot of fun.

At night time, Hidalgo, which is Isla Mujeres town main street gets filled with street performers. people wining and dining, enjoying a sunset happy hour, and going out after that too many parties around town, with great atmosphere of people having the time of their lives. Almost every night you can find yourself hopping from one place to another, partying till dawn..

Turtle farm, Isla Mujeres

View from Pocna Hostel to Isla Mujeres Main street

Isla Mujeres Main Street

Playa Sur, Isla Mujeres

4. Tulum

One of the best travel experiences I had. I stayed there for two weeks, and couldn’t leave this quiet little beach town, located right next to one of Mexico finest beaches, tulum is a small paradise for those who love the beach and peace and quiet. Tulom is world famous mainly because of the Maya ruins next to it, but it can offer you a lot more. It can be also a great base, as you can go to various tourist attractions from there.

Tulom coastal line

What to do?

The ancient Mayans decided to build one of their cities right on this beautiful blue Caribbean beach, and we get to enjoy its ruins in a unique site right on the beach. Tulum ruin site is a short ride from town, and you can get there by taxi or with public transportation.

Tulom Ruins

Another famous and unique tourist attraction of the area is “centoes” snorkeling goes to “Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park” and you will find yourself in a unique travel adventure, diving in blue water caves. One day, I also went diving with sharks, in one of the nearby towns.

One of the best things I did was renting a scooter from tulom town, and go out driving across and out of shore, having the time of my life.

One stop I did, s About 15 km from tulom, on the road to Playa Del Carmen, I stopped be chance in Xel-Ha Water Park. It’s pretty expensive to go in, like anything else around this pictures tic, filled with resorts, restaurants and diving centers. One of the nicest surprises was that around the park there are pools with Dolphins! Swimming, and every now and then performing a stunt. You can watch the dolphins in there fenced pools for free, or go swimming with them if you want!

Dolphins around Tulom

Near Tulom

Where to stay?

There are pretty nice places with different concepts to stay right on tuloms white sand beautiful beach. If you want to have a private bungalow (cabaña) right on the beach, you just need to choose a place of your liking.

If you’re a backpacker, your best bet would be “the Weary traveler hostel”. It’s a great budget place to meet other travelers from all around the world, and it’s probably one of the funniest hostels you’ll stay at in Mexico. The hostel is not on the beach but right on Tulom Main Street, but don’t worry, the place have free shuttle rides taking you to the beach in the morning, and picking you up at the afternoon. This great backpacker’s hostel that runs the “credit system”, also offers nice and fruity buffet breakfast, and “burn your own BBQ at night! Plus a cheap priced bar.

when I was there, one night the owner of the place, a nice American if im not mistaken, took the guests for a bar hop around town, where we got the chance to visit a dance party, striptease bar where the guests of the hostel striped too!, and in the end a cool beach house with a pool after party.


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