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A travel to Spain cannot disappoint you. Spain is full of history and famous culture that concord and influenced a great part of the world, famous for its flamingo dancing, tapas dining, bullfighting, historical colonial world heritage cities, great beaches, different scenery, wonderful sun, fun and easy going people, easy and lovely language,

What more can you ask? 

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A visit to Spain has so much to offer, that most tourist often choose one region to travel in, and often come back to travel to another region of Spain.Spain is even divided within itself, where up north the Basques want to be an independent country, such as the Catalonians, with their different culture and language. 

The most visited cities in Spain are its capital Madrid, the much different Catalonia’s Capital Barcelona, Granada, Valencia, Seville, Bilbao and more. Among most popular vacation spots you can find the most visited Island of Tenerife,  Canary islands,  Palma de Majorca, Costa Brava, Costa del sol (all if you ask me that suits a more “mature” crowd, romantic couples and such ), and of course the famous party island of Europe, and perhaps the world, Ibiza.

I have travelled to Spain twice, first when I was 18yo (11 years ago..) with a group of my friends right after we finished High school and before we all went to our start our military duty, and the second time was 2 years ago, with my beloved girlfriend, where we visited in Costa Brava and Barcelona.

The info and travel tips are from my travels to Spain, plus the ones of our dear friend Hagit, who lived, worked and travelled in South of Spain.

South of Spain

Written by Hagit, my dear friend.

I arrived to South of Spain to work as a door to door sale person of oil paintings, which really helped me discover this beautiful area. I stayed here more than I had to just enjoying and having the best times. 

The beautiful sunny south of Spain is one of the most desirable places for European tourist, but also to many people from all over the world.

It has beautiful scenery of mountains by the sea combined with pastoral villages all over and small holiday towns.

It also has a few of the luxurious travel destinations to the world wealthiest people (like Marbella Banes).

The weather is perfect- sunny days, even Mediterranean climate, and so are the people, Who are very welcoming, and warm like true Spaniards who live for a long time in the sun.You will find there great restaurants, great beaches, great flamingo shows, and amazing places to travel in.t’s best to rent a car. You can find online places that rent a car for about 100 euro.   And to rent vacation apartments in cheaper places like Torre el Molinos and Ben al Madina.You can also rent a car from the airport if your getting by flight .I started my trip to south of Spain in Granada by train.


This great historic city Capital of the Andalusia region, rich in nature and history

Granada is also a thriving young university town, with plenty of entertainment choices.Granada’s night life is very much cool, and you can find many underground night life happening.

Gujar Sierra

East of Granada you will find this picturestic small town. It’s defiantly worth to stay there for a few days, feeling you’re in true Spain.

Gujar sierra is a great place to visit during all seasons. At winter, you can ski in the nearby Nevada ski resort. And in the summer, just enjoying another beer in one of the places around the town beautiful street, take trips around the beautiful area. You can also go from Gujar Gierra to Granada, or to any other of the travel destinations around the area.



To me, it will all ways be good memories, from the first place I ever travelled to outside of Israel, without my parents. I loved it!

Ibiza is well known around the world for its clubs and party scene. It is known to be “Europe’s summer party capital”, where you will find some of Europe’s best party scene and Mega clubs. Ibiza gets packed every summer (the top season for everything is between June’-sept’, before and after its much more quiet and much less parties are going on.), mostly with English travellers who love Ibiza.  Bear in mind, that Ibiza is not cheap.

But Ibiza is much more than a party scene. Ibiza is the largest of the ballerinas Islands of Spain, with 210 km of beautiful clove beaches, white sand beaches, natural beauty all around, nice villages and much more. The unique people from all around the world who decided to make it their home, made this Island, a one of a kind.  

So, great Night life, beautiful great beaches, you get the picture right?

 Ibiza is simply perfect for all beach lovers and party lovers. And if you love them both, then you have found your perfect spot.

How to get there?

 Ibiza is about 80 km away by ferry from Valencia  if you are travelling for Spain main land. Ibiza has also an international airport located in near Ibiza town, so it’s pretty easy getting there by flight from any top destinations from Spain, or the rest of Europe and its area.

Where to stay?

Most people stay at Ibiza town at the coastal south side, San Antonio at the coastal western side, or the quieter Santa Eulària on the eastern coast of Ibiza.

This is Ibiza’s “biggest” towns (the whole Islands population is about 90,000 people) where most of the accommodation options are, restaurants, shopping options, clubs and bars and basically everything. But if you came for a more secluded atmosphere, Ibiza has plenty of other options, sometimes cheaper ones. Besides taking a room at an Ibiza hotel, many people who come for a vacation in Ibiza rent a short stay apartment, which are spread throughout the Island. If you do your research, you can get a very nice apartment for a good deal, making your stay a much more pleasant one in my opinion than the one of a hotel, packed with people.

I think San Miguel village and its area up north of the Island is an interesting and fun place to stay.

What to do?

Well, it’s pretty much spelled out: clubbing and beach time..

Ibiza is great for spending your days at one of dozens of beaches around the Island (not just the ones near the towns.). Some offer day parties, great restaurants and hang outs, some are more secluded, more fitting for families, some would be great for romantic getaways.

The best way to get around is by renting a scoter or a car if you can afford it.

You can rent a scoter even with your regular car driving licensee,   but one travel tip would be, to be careful if you haven’t drove a scoter before. Try to practice a bit before you go on the road. Me and my friends, we all crashed or fell from our scoter (actually the only friend that really had a scoter license, had the worst crash of all..). If you know you’re going to party, drink, and maybe get your mind altered.. try to stay off your self-transportation..

My favorite beach in Ibiza is Benirass, not far from San Miguel up north. This is a beautiful crystal blue water beach, hidden in a narrow small bay between rocky cliffs.

The only to get there, is driving down a valley down to this secluded beach. Its dramatic scenery, tranquility and great water for swimming and snorkeling will be worth this small adventure.

At sunset, the most popular to be is in the most famous “Café Del Mar” in San Antoni, famous for its sunset gatherings and chill out music.    

At Night (or day. Or night and day..), it’s time to hit the party scene. All the big name clubs such as Amnesia, Pacha, Privilege, are in or not more than a 30 min drive from san Antoni or Ibiza town. Sniff around. To find out about where are the good after parties at.

One travel tip would be, is to mingle with locals. Some of The young free spirit people from all over the world, who made Ibiza their home, and built their hotels, restaurants, boutiques, seem to live a somewhat of an “underground” world of party and connections, so try to get off the beaten track, try to see what kind of parties and other stuff are going on outside of the radar, and away from the crowds.

Useful link to Ibiza:

Catalonia – Costa Brava and Barcelona

The Catalonians consider them self a separate part of Spain, having their own language, culture, and temper. Telling you are in favor of an independent Catalonia over a beer, will probably win most Catalonians heart. 

Catalonia is filled with history, green hills and beautiful beaches. Its Capital, Barcelona, is one of the most interesting and most visited cities in The World.

Costa Brava ,Santa Susanna

Costa Brava

Costa Brava is 150 km long all the way to the French border, on the southern coastal line of Spain, in the Catalonia region.

Costa Brava offers wild beaches, small historical town’s right on the beach, and allot of peace and quiet on the clear Mediterranean waters. Its glory days were back in the 60’s-70’s, when the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali built his summer home there.

Costa Brava is only 60 km away from Barcelona, it’s a great day trip destination from there, or it’s great for taking day trips to Barcelona.

The Train (or bus) is a great way to get to and from Barcelona, and along Costa Brava coastal line. The RENFE suburban train leaves Barcelona Central train Station every 30 minutes, stops through the beach towns, all the way to Blanes, and from there you need to change to a bus for the most distant towns. 

If you already read one of my posts, you know I’m not a big cities fan but I still wanted to see Barcelona, so Me and my girlfriend actually stayed in a hotel in one of Costa Brava’s vacation town, Santa Susanna, and we enjoyed the along the beach 40 minutes train ride to and from Barcelona.

A good travel tip would be is to do your research if you can find a good vacation deal including accommodation and meals in one of Costa Brava Vacation towns, or maybe finding an apartment to rent.

Among top tourist attractions in the area you will find Girona, the Region capital (nice small town, nice market) and of course Figueres, where you will find the must visit Salavador Dali museum.

Other than that, there isn’t much to do than to enjoy the small picturestic towns and there nice beaches. Among the most visited and stayed in town you will find Lloret de mar, Tossa Del Mar, and Blanes.

Malgret de Mar Beach

A Costa Brava vacation is a slow phase one, and there isn’t much to do at night time. It seems this whole region got stuck somewhere in the 80’s-90’s, But still you can enjoy a nice romantic vacation, hopping from one town to another, enjoying the view, going to the beach, wining and dining and browse the souvenirs shops.

 Santa Susanna

The BonBon's in Costa Brava

Me and my girlfriend found a vacation deal to Costa Brava, including a flight from Israel and an all included 3 nights stay at the “Sirius Hotel” in the small town of Santa Susanna for about 400$ per person.

Santa Susanna is nice, but not the most from all vacation spots around the area. It has a nice beach and nice promenade close to the beach with some shops and restaurants to stroll in. It’s a great spot if you’re planning to go to Barcelona, because it’s only a short train ride to get there. “Sirius Hotel” was nice, right on the promenade, clean rooms and tasty rich meals.

Besides going around Costa Brava and Barcelona by train and bus, one thing we enjoyed very much, was doing a 3 km walk to the neighbor town Malgret De Mar, there we found a nice picturistic small town with a nice beach.

Malgret De Mar Park


BonBon and a mushroom

We enjoyed the most finding the town’s park, which is a very nice and big one, with chord bridges, and a colorful children’s playground, filled with giant plastic mushrooms, flowers, and one big giant shoe..


Barcelona, Taken by Maya Yosef

One of Europe’s top tourist destinations, Fashion and art capital, A top favorite for Architecture enthusiastic, soccer fans, and to anyone with a good eye for a fine looking and lively city. Barcelona is a place I will surly someday get back to, to suck in more of its special vibe, that the famous Gaudi helped forming by designing such beautiful and interesting buildings and parks in it.  

There is plenty to do during day time or night time, do your research. Among most famous and most visited attractions you will find the world famous for its “live statue” street performances, Las Ramblas Street, leading all the way to Barcelona’s Marina. In this pedestrian street, you have to visit to colorful La Boqueria Food Market.

Las Ramblas, Taken by Maya Yosef


Live statue, Las Rambals, Barcelona

















From Las Ramblas, you can leave to the side streets, heading to the Old city. I especially liked walking in the “Gothic” quarter west of Las Ramblas, filled with interesting narrow alleys with small boutiques, cool restaurants and art galleries.

Not far from there you will find the leading attraction of Barcelona with more than 2 million people, visiting the uniquely designed by Antonio Gaudi, church of La Sagrada Familia

Another most visit site is Park Guell in the Garcia District, this area is a real Barcelona beauty. Located on the top of a hill you can see all Barcelona in front of you, while you walk in this beautiful and unusual park, reflecting Gaudi’s genius mine with his special structures along beautiful gardens.

Park Guell, Taken By Maya Yosef


Gaudi's famous benches, Taken By Maya Yosef

Other famous attractions are the Picasso Museum and the famous Camp Nuo Stadium, home of Barcelona FC.

two writers note on this post :

1. Im sorry for lack of photos for all destinations in Spain i reviewd. For example, i dont  have any digital photos from my time in Ibiza, but i will try yo scan some and upload. i would love if you would like to share your photos of Spain.

2. Writing travel tips to Spain on this post, really made me wanna go back for the third time. Maybe this time to the south of Spain and maybe combine Morroco in the trip too..

Stay updated..

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